Bi-annual project meeting held on June 8-9 2023

First annual meeting in 2023 held in Lund

The members of the Transformative Partnerships 2030 project met in Lund, Sweden, on June 8-9 2023 for the first annual meeting of the year.

Hosted by the team members at Lund University - Magdalena, Kristina, Matteo and Marie - the meeting included discussion of both ongoing research and strategic matters. PhD students took the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing work, including case studies and planned publications. The researchers in the project presented work in progress and finished work, such as the technical report that was recently launched. In addition, the project members discussed planning and strategic matters.

The next meeting will be held in late October 2023, in conjunction with the Earth Systems Governance conference, and will be hosted by the team members in Amsterdam - Oscar, Philipp, Cornelia and Montserrat.

(Photo over Skissernas Museum in Lund was taken by Emma Krantz

Video and report of the launch of the technical report now available