Karin Bäckstrand appointed to Swedish National Committee for Global Environmental Change

Karin Bäckstrand, Principal Investigator of Transformative Partnerships 2030 and Professor of Environmental Social Science at Stockholm University, was recently elected to the Swedish National Committee for Global Environmental Change, one of 18 national committees of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. These committees are responsible for contact with scientific unions within the International Science Council.

The Committee aims to strengthen the role of Swedish researchers and their partaking in international research bodies focusing on environment and sustainability, as well as to ensure that environmental and sustainability perspectives are integrated in policies and research proposals and in the public discourse on social development.

The Committee has a mission of promoting research and education within the field of global environmental change and sustainability, and it works towards interdisciplinary cooperation and strengthening the field of environmental studies throughout society, including the business sector and in education. It also functions as an advisor to universities and other parts of the Swedish education system and works as an expert organ within the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

"It is an honor to be elected to the Royal Swedish Academy's National Committee for Global Environmental Change," said Professor Bäckstrand. "I look forward to working across disciplines with colleagues from many disciplines to find common solutions to global environmental threats such as climate change and the impoverishment of biodiversity that are closely linked to global health and poverty reduction."

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