Marie Stissing Jensen

PhD Student

Marie Stissing Jensen is a PhD Student in the Department of Political Science at Lund University. Marie is particularly interested in the complexity of governance through Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships and the material/discursive context in which the implementation processes of the SDGs play out. 

In her PhD, she studies the implementation practices of Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in local partnership activities and projects. She seeks to understand processes of knowledge production and dissemination in different contexts where the interplay between humans, non-humans, technologies, and nature produces specific forms of knowledge constellations. The aim is to highlight the relations between various forms of knowledge performed in learning and implementation processes and the strategies to navigate them. Furthermore, the aim is to provide a different account of agency by taking seriously the material and the non-human. This makes different imaginaries of the future possible and opens a discussion on what a just transformation to a sustainable future looks like, which in turn may strengthen the legitimacy of partnerships as a primary tool for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

Previously, Marie has conducted research and field work for her master thesis on private sector partnership programmes for development in Nepal. She subsequently spent several years in the country working with tourism development, and animal- and nature conservation before returning to academia.   

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